Hookside Perigrine

11/12/87 to 28/05/00


Peri was bred by Martyn Elliot. His sire was "Sh Ch Fandango in the Sun at Hookside". His dam "Russetmantle Pepper".


Peri and Kes meet for the first time. March 1988.

Peri was shown lightly, he won Best Puppy of Breed at South Wales Ch Sh in 1988 and made the shortlist in the gundog puppy group

Peri after SWKA 1988. Best Puppy of Breed.

Pen- Y- Fan- trying to catch fish!

West Country Dog Club: Nov 1988:

AV Gundog Puppy (9) 1. Austins Hookside Perigrine. Liked for his clean outline. Nice lean head, good quarters and well arched toes.

Jennifer Sweetenham. Dog World.

Peri with his dad Sh Ch Fandango in the Sun at Hookside (Mister) and his brother Sh Ch Hookside Perseus (Dee)

Peri's greatest forte however was in the working field. he was taken beating for the first time aged 6 1/2 and took to it like the natural he was.

He was in great demand as his tenacity was such that he would work the thickest and thorniest cover , not giving up until every last bird was flushed.

Following Kes being put to sleep on Boxing Day 1998 , Peri sank into a deep depession. Although when Kes was put down (at home) we had tried to show Peri the body so he could maybe understand, he looked everywhere in the room but at Kes... it just hadn't seemed to work. We tried all sorts of possible solutions but when our Vet suggested either putting him on anti-depressants or getting another puppy we plumped for the more natural route. A friend co-incidentally rang to tell of an advert in Horse and Hound for a litter of Vizslas. I rang the breeder up "just for a chat". We visited the litter the next day and 2 weeks later Razzle arrived.

Left :

Peri at Mewslade on The Gower 1992.