Swanton Razzle

DOB 5/2/99


Razzle was bred by Jonathan de Giles. Raz's mum was "Carrot Top" and his dad "Hookside Eros"


It was a bit of a culture shock for us all getting Razzle. We had grown accustomed to the slower pace of the "old boys" so it was a real breath of fresh air to get a puppy again. He was a real dynamo, and, although Peri wasn't sure about him for the first couple of weeks they soon became good friends. We always made sure that we greeted Peri first when we had been out and that he had a place where the red terror couldn't harrass him!

Left : Razzle under his dads chair

 Raz and Rich autumn of 2000


As you can see on the right, Raz more than cheered Peri up. It was lovely to see Peri acting like a young pup again. Peri had 18 months good quality of life after Raz came on the scene. We had been waiting for another puppy from Martyn Elliot and along came Kaleb aka Muppet in Autumn 1999.

Raz now lives in Devon with Jane and Andy Hall. He is doing Gundog Training and is as lively as ever despite a few grey hairs. We see Raz regularly as he comes along to the "South West Walks" with Jane whenever he can.