This is Ava's page: the puppy formerly known as Kanga and now known officially as "Kenazorora Sun Kontessa".

She was born second at 19.20 on 23rd March 2006 and weighed 12oz.

Ava's Show Career

Hip score: 7:6

Eye test clear


Ava lives with Isobel Chilton. 


Ava has been doing lots of work on her non-showing career!

(Photos by kind permission of Nigel Dear)

Grand dad Mupps (Hookside Kamas at Kenazorora) and Ava..

Hungarian Vizsla Society Championship Show

1st April 2007.

2. Chiltons Kenazorora Sun Kontessa, paler and shorter in back than 1, nevertheless well balanced with substance, medium size covering the ground standing and on the move, pleasing head, well angulated, moved with drive, well muscled.

Judge Gay Gottleib.

When we went to Australia last year Muppet went to stay with Isobel and Ava. He liked it there so much he didn't come back!

Sadly Mupps died in December 2007, thought to be poisoned by gamekeepers bait.

We know that Mup had a wonderful life with Isobel and we thank her for giving him such a lovely home. We miss him but "see" him regularly in things his daughter Nattie does and the way she looks..

Ava aged six months and 1 week won Minor Puppy Bitch at the HVC Championship Show on 1st October. She was 3rd in Puppy Bitch also qualifying her for Crufts.

Minor Puppy Bitch.1. Chiltons Kenazorora Sun Kontessa. Pretty little lass, with good head proportions. Eyes have time to darken. She has a good front assembly and good reach of neck. Runs up a bit behind at the moment but that will change. Strode out well.

Margaret Holmes.

Ava-5 months old.

So beautiful... just like her Mum


Ava 13 weeks old



"Let me go in Mum!"



Just like her Mum Nattie..


Left: Ava and Baro share a picnic together


Left: It won't last! 

Right: "What?" 

Are we:

a) sad to see her go or

b) glad to see the back of her??


She doesn't seem to be missing us at all !