Edie's BronzEd Babes Week Eight

Who's who?



Red on a box....


Mouthy Orange and two with no collars on!

(Yellow and Purple)

 Its official!

Miss Red aka Kenoz BronzEd Totem - Raffa - Rob and Daryl

Miss Orange aka Kenoz BronzEd Charm - Ritchie and Anne

Miss Yellow aka Kenoz BronzEd Talisman - Talli - Rich and Cathy

Miss Green aka Kenoz BronzEd Amulet - Sierra - Kristen and Chris

Mr Blue aka Kenoz BronzEd Rune - Bundy -Tegan and Mick

Miss Purple aka Kenoz BronzEd Emblem - Indie - Sarita and Ben

All names are our prefix plus Bronze Major and Edie combined plus a hope for the future...

Miss Red at 8 weeks.

Miss Orange at 8 weeks

Miss Yellow at 8 weeks

Miss Green at 8 weeks.

Mr Blue at 8 weeks

Miss Purple at 8 weeks,