Edie's Lot - Week Three


 Andy nearly gets the rainbow in order apart from pushy Miss Orange!

(girls from both litters) 

Right: Mr Red


Twice Weekly Weights now....


 June 12th

 June 15th

Mr Red

 3lb 1oz

 3lb 8oz

Mr Orange

 2lb 6oz

 2lb 14oz

Mr Yellow

 2lb 12oz

 3lb 3oz

Miss Green

 2lb 12oz

 3lb 7oz

Miss Blue

 3lb 1oz

 3lb 12oz

Miss Purple

 2lb 13oz

 3lb 8oz

Miss Pink

 3lb 9oz

 4lb 2oz

Miss White

 2lb 10oz

 3lb 2oz

Edie's puppies are enjoying their minced beef and chicken too now.

All eyes are open and pups are starting to play with each other.

Miss Green


Edie's lot...

Left: 3 Girls full of minced beef...