Edie's Lot- Week Four

Left: Miss Green , Miss Blue and Mr Yellow

Right: The elusive Mr Orange...

 Puppies Kennel Club names are as follows:



Kenazorora Koofa

Kenazorora Keidis

Kenazorora Kaleb

Kenazorora Kameaoro

Kenazorora Kessie

Kenazorora Kendria

Kenazorora Kneesh

Kenazorora Kayleigh

The personalities of the two separate litters are now quite apparent.

Edie's lot are calm, laid back and not a little lazy! They bark a lot less and are much easier to worm and have their nails cut...


Twice Weekly Weights


 19th June

 26th June

Mr Red

 4lb 5oz

 5lb 14oz

Mr Orange

 3lb 9oz

 4lb 5oz

Mr Yellow

 3lb 11oz

 5lb 2oz

Miss Green

 4lb 2oz

 5lb 4oz

Miss Blue

 4lb 7oz

 5lb 10oz

Miss Purple

 4lb 4oz

 5lb 6oz

Miss Pink

 5lb 4oz

 6lb 2oz

Miss White

 3lb 11oz

 4lb 11oz


 Still a fair bit of relaxing going on...


 Much less piranah-like than Nattie's babes..

Mr Yellow at ease



Miss Purple


Nattie watches Miss Blue


Miss Pink


Mr Red


Mr Orange


Miss Blue


Nattie and Edie job-share feeding Edie's puppies!

Nattie is a very patient Auntie feeding Edie's lot!