"Champion Kenazorora Krani JW ":

DOB 24/01/05

AKA "Edie"


Edie is the pup formerly known as Ms Pink. She was the 7th pup. Born at 14.55, a breech birth like Mr White aka Kobi, she weighed 11oz.

Edie's Show Results

Edie's Show Critiques


Hip Score: 7:4

Stud Book Number: 0281CR


Edie at 5 weeks pregnant at Port Sorrel August 2009

April 2011 at Longford. 

Edie at Arthurs Lake April 2009.

Crufts 2007


This picture shows Edie happily feeding a pup from her 1st litter whilst relaxing with a visitor she had only met 10 minutes earlier.

Can't beat that for good temperament....


Edie (in the trough!) and Luka have a drink!

Edie does like her home comforts! She loves snuggling up to the Rayburn...


 At the Hungarian Vizsla Society Championship Show we found out that Edie had won two more Trophies: The Mable Deakin Memorial trophy for most show and working points and the Barbara Douglas-Redding Memorial Rose Bowl for most show points. These points are for the period from March 2005 to March 2006 and considering Edie had only been old enough to compete since the end of July 2005 that is not bad going!

Also at the same show Edie won her last 3 points to give her her Junior Warrant. This gives her a stud book number and a lifetimes qualification for Crufts. 

Right: Rich and Edie relax Feb 2006

Left: I'm coming Mum, an enthusiastic retrieve!

Following LKA, the results of Pedigree Masterfoods Top Puppy 2005 Competition were published in Our Dogs Newspaper on 6th January 2006.

Edie aka "Kenazorora Krani" is Top HV Puppy for 2005.

She was also Vitalin "Pick of the Litter" Top Hungarian Vizsla Puppy 2005 with 83 points, which, considering we only went to local shows and did not drag her up and down the country is really excellent!

We are so proud of her!

Cathy and Edie July 2005

Edie on the shelf??

The Princess and the Pea?

Edie enjoys playing with her Reserve Best Puppy in Group rosette from Torquay and District C/S- November 5th 2005.

Edie had another successful day out at Ladies Kennel Ass Ch Sh on 10th December. She won Best Puppy in Breed out of an entry of 30 puppies. The judge was Steve Hollings whose wife Patsy gave Luka his 1st CC at Crufts in 2004.

At the Hungarian Vizsla Club Championship Show on October 2nd 2005 Edie won Best Puppy in Show... with an entry of 18 puppies.

The judge was Mrs Betty Smith

This follows in her father Luka's footsteps, he won Best Puppy in Show at this show in 2001.

We are so very proud of her...

Edie has made an fantastic start to her official show career winning 1st in Puppy Bitch, Novice Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed at National Gundog Association Championship Show on August 6th under Martyn Elliott.

Doesn't she look like her Mum?

First in Puppy Bitch out of 10 entries...

Edie at her very first Companion Dog Show.

July 2005

Edie the fearless at 16 weeks!

July 2005

Edie helps Rich with his physio.....NOT!

She's a water baby!

from left:

Ruby,Nattie,Luka, Edie and Amber in Clanna Ponds July 2005.

Edie enjoys the watering..

Right: Edie loves her Dad Luka...

Left: but her maternal Granddad Muppet has more important things to do than amuse annoying puppys.

Left:Edie loves her dad...

Right: and her mum...

Left: Ann Yuhasz: International Championship Show judge (who judged Italian Spinones at Westminster Show ( New York) in 2005) casts her eye over Edie who look less than impressed with the whole thing!