Kenazorora Krani JW : aka "Edie".

Judging Critiques from Dog World or Our Dogs.

Minehead C/S Open Show

July 27th 2005.

Vizslas.Grad (3) 1. Austin's Kenazorora Krani. Very promising 6 months puppy of quality, very good head and body for age, good outline, moved and showed well. Best Puppy. Puppy Group 3.

Ernie Darby.
St Mellons AS.

10th August 2005.

Vizslas.Yearling (3)
.1. Austin's Kenazorora Krani. 6 1/2 months, little beauty, super head and eye. Lovely balance throughout, good shoulder, moved so co-ordinated for one so young, very promising. Shall watch her progress with interest.

Malcom Smith.
National Gundog Ch Sh.

August 6th 2005

Puppy Bitch (10,2)
1. Mr R & Mrs C Austin's Kenazorora Krani. This little pearl is litter sister to first in puppy dog. This little miss is teeming with quality and she stood out in this class. A very pretty head leads on to a balanced front construction looking from the side and from the front. A rare commodity on the day. She is well bodied with a good spring of rib, level top line and correct set on of tail with the right amount of bone. Strong quarters for a baby puppy. Movement was evenly balanced coming and going and she looked a picture of locomotion in profile. Best Puppy in Breed.

Martyn Elliott:
Hungarian Vizsla Club Championship Show.

October 2nd 2005.

Minor Puppy Bitch (8,1)
1. Austin's Kenazorora Krani. 8 months, just what I would look for in a puppy of this age. Moved elegantly and correctly, exciting prospect. Best Puppy In Show.

Mrs B Smith.
LKA Championship Show.

December 10th 2005.

Puppy Bitch
(10) 1. Austin's Kenazorora Krani.. Smart, just right for age. Excellent proportions and head, super expression, flowing neck into well laid shoulders, correct depth and spring of rib, short strong loin, neat , well muscled quarters with low hock, good angles, moved stylishly. Best Puppy in Breed.

Steve Hollings.
Chepstow and DCS.

December 17th 2005.

Vizslas. Sp. Yearling (7) Full class which was nice to see.

1. Austin's Kenazorora Krani. Very taken with this youngster. Good shape to skull with a kind eye. Well constructed front assembly. Nice short back, firm quarters. Excellent feet. Moved out so freely. Should continue to please.
Best of Breed. Puppy Group 3.

Sue Whitehead.
Worscester and Malvern C/S Open Show.

January 7th 2006.

Vizslas. (8)
1. Austins Kenazorora Krani, 11 months old bitch, what a cracker, on standing a picture, a pleasure to judge. Excels in head and expression, clean neck, well placed shoulders, well off for bone without any coarseness, flowed around the ring with style, must have a bright future. Best Puppy. Best of Breed. Puppy Group 2.

Eileen Gates.
 Hungarian Vizsla Society Championship Show

April 2nd 2006.

(10) 1. Austins Kenazorora Krani. Elegant bitch with good bone, not overdone in any way. Attractive head, good eye colour, excellent feet moved well. I understand that todays win gives her the Junior Warrant.

Sylvia Cox
Bath Ch Sh

May 27th 2006.

Junior (6) .2
. Austin's Kenazorora Krani JW. Liked this youngster for type and size, balanced in profile with a lovely head. Nicely boned, ample reach of neck with shoulders well laid. Good depth of brisket, strength through body .Developed back end, moved tidily over the ground.

Maureen Mackay
 South Wales KA Ch Sh

July 8th 2006.

Junior. (10, 2a) 1. Austin's Kenazorora Krani JW Of the highest calibre with an abundance of the qualities that one looks for in this breed, very feminine head with appealing expression, flowing neck leading into well balanced shoulders, strong body of correct proportions, good topline and good rear angulation, so very confident on the move.

Mrs J A Ward
 National Gundog

August 5th 2006.

Graduate.(6, 2a) 2.
Austins Kenazorora Krani JW. Good head and reach of neck, correct amount of forechest, good straight front, super feet, lovely bitch.

Mrs C Ryan
 Hungarian Vizsla Club Championship Show

1st Oct 2006.

Yearling. (12, 2a
)1. Austins Kenazorora Krani JW. Good head properties, feminie and elegant. Typical outline, straight forelegs, good reach of neck and well placed wither, good angulations both ends and well developed quarters. Moved well coming towards me and in profile.

Margaret Holmes.