Ch Kenazorora Krani JW 's Show Results

Open Shows

Date Show Class Place Judge
27/07/05 Minehead & District CS Graduate 1st ,Best Puppy and 3rd in Puppy Group Mr E Darby
10/08/05 St Mellons Agri. Soc. Sp/Yearling 1st Mr M Smith
 5/11/05 Torquay and Distrtict C/S  Graduate 1st, Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2 (Reserve Best Puppy in Group) Mr M Elliot
 17/12/05 Chepstow C/S Sp/Yearling 1st, Best of Breed and Puppy Group 3  Mrs S Whitehead
 7/01/06 Worcester & Malvern C/S Junior 1st, Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2 (Reserve Best Puppy in Group) Mrs Eileen Gates
7/01/06 Worcester & Malvern C/S Post Graduate 1st and Best of Breed Mrs Eileen Gates
 25/02/06 Mid-Western Gundog  Graduate 1st Shaun Layton

Edie was unbeaten as a Puppy at Open Show level 

Championship Shows 


National Gundog Puppy 1st and Best Puppy in Breed Martyn Elliot


National Gundog Novice 1st Martyn Elliot


WKA Minor Puppy 2nd Mrs D Armstead


GDSW  Puppy 3rd Mrs B Hargreaves


Hungarian Vizsla Club Minor Puppy 1st Mrs B Smith


Hungarian Vizsla Club Puppy 1st and Best Puppy in Show Mrs B Smith


Ladies Kennel Association Puppy 1st and Best Puppy in Breed Mr S Hollings


Hungarian Vizsla Society Junior 1st ( this win entiltes Edie "Junior Warrant") Mrs S Cox


Crufts Sp Puppy 5th Mr D Evans


WELKS  Junior  2nd  Mr G Hargreaves


Bath  Junior 2nd  Mrs M Mackay


SWKA Junior 1st Mrs J Ward


National Gundog Graduate 2nd Mrs C Ryan


WKA Post Graduate 1st Mrs L Townsend


HVC Ch Sh Spec Yearling 1st Mrs M Holmes


 Crufts  Post Graduate  3rd  Dr R James


HVS Ch Sh  Post Graduate  5th  Mrs G Gottleib

In Australia a dog has to win 100 points to be awarded the status "Champion". Points are awarded to the winner of the Bitch and Dog Challenge Certificate and vary according to how many other dogs have been beaten in the class.






 22nd March 2008

  Tasmanian LKA Miss M Davis   BCC+BOB


 19th April 2008

 Gundog Club of Tasmania  Mrs J Blyth  BCC + RU BOB


 26th April 2008

 Western Tiers KC  Mrs S Rickard  BCC + RUBOB


 31st May 2008

 Midland Agri Ass  Mr W Douglas (Vic)  BCC


 9th October 2008

 Gundog Club of Tasmania  Mrs R Smith (SA)  BCC + RUBOB


24th October 2008

Royal Hobart Mr G Gamarra (Uruguay) Res BCC  

 8th Nov 2008

Westbury Ag Soc Inc  Mrs C Redhead  BCC


 9th Nov 2008

 Westbury Ag Soc Inc  Mrs J Ashton  BCC + RUBOB


 25th Jan 09

 Western Tiers KC  Mr J Lewington (SA)  BCC + BOB


 26th Jan 09

  Western Tiers KC  Mr G Kill  BCC + RUBOB


 14th Feb 09

 Tasmanian LKA  Mrs S Brown(Qld)  BCC + RUBOB


 15th Feb 09

  Tasmanian LKA  Mrs M Rose (Qld)  BCC + RUBOB


 28th Feb 2010

 Tasmanian Kennel Club  Mr J Thompson (VIC) BCC + BOB


 28th March 2010

 Tasmanian LKA  Mr K McMillan  BCC


 17th April 2010

 Longford Agri. Soc  Mr P Frost (VIC)  BCC + BOB