This is Flynn Foley's page. Flynn is the pup formerly known as Mr Blue. His formal name is "Kenazorora Kestrel" in honor of my first Vizsla: Kes.

He was the second and smallest pup born at 8 oz and at 9.30am. He has certainly made up for it since!

He lives in Kent with Lynette and Mick.


Left : Flynn with a little light snack, the BARF diet obviously suits him!

Right: Flynn the adventurer! He is the image of his granddad at the same age..



Flynn is a keen housekeeper, he helps with the gardening and the washing.

What a boy! 


Left: Flyn and Fo chillin'

Right: Can Lynette teach Flyn to sweep up too?

Flynn Summer 2005, now the image of his dad Luka!


What a softy....

He obviously likes his comforts.... 

Left: Lynette was writing her Christmas cards and left Flynn while she answered the door! Result, one red nosed Viz-deer! One wrecked felt tip pen!

Right: Flynn relaxes on a very realistic terrier shaped cushion...

 Flynn decided he liked the look of Lynettes nice duvet and decides to make it his own!

Video clip- click here!

Left: who is that in the distance?

Right: proud Birthday Boy 24th January 2006.


What a handsome boy- Flynn , Lynette and Mick come to visit Flynns little brother and sister. 

What a handsome grown up boy Flynn is now....

On point...