"Kenazorora Kalen"

aka Kasper Dale

Kasper belongs to Clare, Derek, Stanley, Celia and Clemmie.

Me taking it easy...

Kasper's Diary.

18th July.

Today I got a proper "collar" as I am too big for the puppy collars. My new "collar" used to belong to someone called Tiga. He must have not amounted to anything 'cos I don't see him round the place. Today I got taken out with my collar and a thingy called a "lead". I walked up and down the layby with Cathy. It was exciting, when I trotted along Cathy praised me and when I dug my heels in she ignored me.

I think I will get the upper hand soon...

27th July.

Life is getting busy now. I have been into Chepstow town twice now and was admired where ever I went. I am now sleeping in the big cage and although I barked for a while no-one came to see me, so I shut up, and they came to see me and let me out and play with me then! Today I sat out on the patio with Edie and a chicken carcass. We heard gunshots but we were not scared cos we are gundogs!

29th July.

Today we went to the Sunday Market to meet loads more people. Scarlet and Miss White came along too and we led Cathy and Rich a merry dance the 3 of us! I met several dogs who were bigger than me but not as handsome!

30th July.

Town AGAIN! Went into a few shops and the bank, they all came out from behind the counter to meet us! I wanted to nip round and nick the money from the safe while the girls distracted them but Rich wouldn't let me.. Went to the pet shop too and was given a treat that I didn't like reallty as it was not raw....

31st July.

Today we all went for a walk in the field behind the house. I am the best at coming when I am called, far better than the girls! I get a big fuss and a treat each time so I reckon it's worth it.. Scarlett likes burying her wings in Cathys plant pots, so I wait for her to carefully nose the dirt over then I say "I'll take that thanks" and away I run with it, leaving her still covering over the non-existant wing!

Boys rule!


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