Forest Kestrel of Brethil

12/12/86 to 27/12/98


Kes, or Smudger as he became known, was a fantastic introduction to owning a Vizsla. Everywhere we went people asked about him, what breed he was etc. I was asked if he was a "smooth coated red setter", "a Ridgeback without the ridge" or "one of them grey ones gone wrong"!

He had a lovely personality, was very outgoing and excellent with other dogs. He however, was rubbish as a gundog , trying to catch thrown dummies with his paws! He was shown at Exemption and Open

Shows with success, winning me lots of rosettes, several Best In Shows and giving me a taste of what showing was about.

Bath Ch Sh 1988:

Junior Dog. 2. Austins Forest Kestrel of Brethil. Rather restive to begin with. Well balanced body set on good legs and feet, clean neck, level topline. Moved positivly once he settled.

Muriel Iles. Dog World.

Left: Kes in March 1987 on The Gower


Right: Kes April 1987 at The Lock and Weir in Bristol

Left: Kes and Cathy at Lynton in 1992.


Right : Kes Autumn 1988

Right: Kes in Autumn 1998