"Kenazorora Kobi"

aka Kobi


DOB: 24/1/2005

Sire: Sh Ch Gardenway Drummond

Dam: Dallandor Natalia at Kenazorora

Kobi's Show Career

 Hip Score 6:8

Kobi and dad Luka meet for the first time!

Kobi was the last pup born and the joint biggest at 12oz. He came into the world at 15.35. He was known as Mr White.


Right: Cole gives Kobi his first solid food.

Left: Kobi at 6 weeks (handled by Ms C Carter)

 Kobi lives with Diane and Andy Ostler in Bristol, he is co-owned by Cathy and them.

Left: What a cool boy!

Right: Kobi with Nattie's brother Owen, his uncle


Kobi is a real water baby...



Kobi relaxes with Andy at his first show

He was 3rd in AV Puppy

3rd in AV Sporting

and 1st in AV Brace with Edie


Left: Kobi winning Puppy Dog at National Gundog, August 2005, he also won Novice Dog.

Right: on the move

Puppy Dog (8) 1. Austin & Ostler's Kenazorora Kobi .This one of my pearls. A puppy of excellent quality. His movement was correct coming and going and in profile he was balanced as all the angles are equal. He holds his topline and his tail carriage is correct. He has a lovely head with a kind and gentle expression. He has good quality bone for his age. The lights are on and there is someone at home. He has a great future I'm sure.

Judging Critique Martyn Elliott. Dog World August 12th 2005.

Sister Zeiga and brother Kobi compete for Best Puppy in Breed at Welsh Kennel Club Ch Sh...... Kobi won!

Bath Ch Sh

27th May 2006.

Junior 1. Austin and Ostlers Kenazorora Kobi.. Liked him for his conformation and soundness on the move. Nice headed dog, stands on a good front with ample lay of shoulder. He has the depth and strength in body. Moved on a tidy length.

Maureen Mackay.

 Kobi is a Dad!

Puppies born on 5th January 2007...

Doesn't he look proud of himself?

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