Nattie's final litter born by elective Ceasarian Section- 20th July 2008 from 00.30 to 01.00.

Sire Grand Champion Hanabrit Ponting the Way (Punter)

Dam: Dallandor Natalia at Kenazorora (Nattie)

Nat day 62 of pregnancy..

What a beauty..

Whelping box...


Pups at 1 day old..

Tired Nattie...

Mr Blue

The girls...

Mr Orange

Mr Blue, Purple and Green (no collar)

Mr Yellow


Eyes and ears!


Outside for brief periods in the sun..


Indoors at night until 6 weeks old.



Puppy power!



MY box.... 

Aunty Edie says NO!

and I will take that!

Little monsters!

Miss Red

Mr Orange

Mr Yellow

Mr Green

Mr Blue

Mr Purple

Miss Pink - all at 8 weeks old.

Handled by Faye Harris on a cold wet windy day!


Miss Pink Oct 12th 2008


Miss Pink doesn't mind being the last puppy left!


Stepping out!

Miss Pink comes everywhere with us!