Week One

A relaxed Nattie the day before the puppies were born


Left: a tired Rich holds pup 1 on the right- now nicknamed "Bruiser" (cos he's a fighter!) and left pup 2 a girl nicknamed  "Kanga".

Right: all 3 together with Big Boy "Tiga".


Daily Weights:


Birth Weight 23rd March

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Bruiser Boy 5 oz 5 oz 5 oz  5 oz  5 oz  5 oz

 Bruiser died at 2pm 28/3/06 - Natures way...We had given him all the help we could.

Buried next to Kes in the garden.

Kanga Girl 12 oz 13 oz 15 oz  1lb 1 oz  1 lb 4 oz  1 lb 6 oz  1lb 8 oz  1 lb 12 oz
Tiga Boy 12 oz 13 oz 14 oz  1lb  1lb 2 oz  1lb 3 oz   1lb 6 oz   1 lb 10 oz

Week Two


Piggies on the move... 

Nattie has decided that she has had enough of hanging round the whelping box all day- she goes out for walks with the other 3 for a bit of grown up company. Edie seems to have missed her and gives her a good chasing..


Not so much a cuddle as a strangle hold...

Week Three


Left: Edie says hello to her little brother and sister  

Right: Nattie does a quick wash and brush up.



Week Four



Edie, Nattie, having her ear pulled, Kanga and Tiga


Left: Is it a crocodile? Nope, it's a yawning Kanga!

Edie looks on with interest

Right: A more composed Tiga 


Time to leave the whelping box for the puppy pen???

Week Five


 Out into the kitchen now...

Right: Tiga meets the Rayburn


Left: Tiga thinks "At least I'm not in trouble like she is..."

Right: "Yoinks! Oh yes I am!" 


Tiga answers back to his elder sister Edie.. 

Right: Me and Tiga



A relaxed Tiga and Rich


Kanga and her Dog-Dad Luka

Week Six


 Never too young for bones...

Right: Edie is good at sharing!



"Stop it, bad Tiga" says Edie...


Angelic Tiga and his dad Luka.


From Left: Kanga, Nattie, Tiga, Edie, Muppet and Luka.


Left: Kanga "Who's in there?"

Right: "Might have guessed it would be him!" 


 Week Seven


 Tiga gives Edie a taste of her own medicine!



Tiga trys to persuade Edie to part with her bone.


Tiga - sitting pretty.... or rather - handsome!

 Week Eight

Jill and Pat came to visit...


Kanga/Avas last day with us before she goes to live with Isobel: getting up to mischief! 


Luka with his son and daughter - such a nice dad...


Tiga in the jungle


Grumps (Muppet) with the grandkids