This is Taffy's page.

aka Kenoz Natway Alizarin

Taffy belongs to Bowie, April and Rhodri Jones.

I can seeeee you!

It's hard being so adorable...

Taffy and Bowie, best mates...

My new Mum April

My new Dad Rhodri

They lurve me! Who can blame them, I am so pretty!

What the devils that?!?

Ha ha ! Got it, that will teach them to tease me!

This is the life eh?


Fame at last!

At the airport- love at first sight!

See? All dogs ARE russet gold!

Having fun and settling in at home.

There's nothing like a nice chicken neck to make you feel at home is there?

"Yayyyy! A milk bottle"

"Hmmm, is that the way out?"

"Enough of that!" says Auntie Swede!


8 weeks and a babe!