In Australia a dog has to win 100 points to be awarded the status "Champion". Points are awarded to the winner of the Bitch and Dog Challenge Certificate and vary according to how many other dogs have been beaten in the class. Some wins have to be after the puppy is over one year old.






  9th Jan 2010

 Tasmanian KC  Mrs A Vandersteen (SA)  Baby Puppy in Breed


  23rd Jan 2010

 Western Tiers KC  Mr D Tidswell (SA)  Baby Puppy in Breed


  24th Jan 2010

 Western Tiers KC  Mr B Luxton(SA)  Baby Puppy in Group


 25th Jan 2010

 Western Tiers KC  Mrs C Keong (QLD)  Baby Puppy in Breed


 26th Jan 2010

 Western Tiers KC  Mrs R Henderson (QLD)  Baby Puppy in Breed


 28th Feb 2010

 Tasmanian KC  Mr J Thompson (VIC)  Baby Puppy in Breed


 27th Mar 2010

 Tas LKC  Mr P Warby (NSW)  BOB and Minor Puppy Group 3


 28th Mar 2010

 Tas LKC  Mr K McMillan (NSW)  Minor Puppy Group 3


 17th April 2010

 Longford Agri. Soc.  Mr P Frost (VIC)  Minor Puppy In Breed


 18th April 2010

 ABKA  Mrs J Horton  BCC


 24th April 2010.

  Western Tiers KC  Mr J Black (VIC)  BCC


 9th May 2010

 ABKA (Parade)  Mrs P Micklem/Ms T Sloan  BOB, Best Puppy in Parade


 7th Aug 2010

 ABKA  Mr G Dryburgh (NSW)  BCC


 21st Aug 2010

 British Bulldog Club of Tas.  Mr T Valli (NSW)  BCC , Best Puppy Group 3


 7th Oct 2010

 Launceston Royal  Mr Alex Zee (Taiwan)  Junior in Breed  

 7th Oct 2010

 Gundog Club of Tasmania  Mrs A OKeefe (NSW)  BCC


 10th Oct 2010

 Tasmanian KC Mrs B Marsh   BCC RUBOB


 17th Oct 2010

 Tasmania Ladies KC  Mr M Bungy (WA)  BCC RUBOB


 21st Oct 2010

 Hobart Royal Show  Mrs Ana Knoll (Brazil)  Res BCC Best Junior in Breed


 6th Nov 2010

 Westbury Ag Soc Inc Mr R Redhead (SA)  BCC


 27th Nov 2010

 Devonport Agric. Soc  Mr G Minchinton (QLD)  BOB


 26th March 2011

 Tas LKC Mr A Brown (QLD)   BOB


 2nd April 2011

 ABKA  Mrs M Glover (Vic)  BOB


 16th April 2011

 Longford Agri. Soc.  Miss M Patten (NSW)  BOB


 22nd April 2011

 Western Tiers KC  Mr L Heilmann(SA)  BCC RUBOB and Best Intermediate Group 3


  23rd April 2011

 Western Tiers KC  Mr D Johnson(SA)  BCC RUBOB


  24th April 2011

 Western Tiers KC  Mr A Reading(SA) BOB and Best Intermediate Group 3



Total = 124